fredag den 29. april 2011

The Day The Earth Stood Still

At some point, the people of this Earth lost their grip of reality. Personally, I think it was about the same time that a prince of Great Britain decided to propose to his girlfriend.

We live in Denmark. D-e-n-m-a-r-k.

Then WHY the friggin´ hell does the whole bleeding nation come to a stand-still when a prince in Great Britain dresses up, goes to church and says “I do”??? And is it really the prince that has our interest – or do we stay glued to the screens to mock the british aristocracy, comment on the voluminous hats and quietly wish for The Mother of All Dresses for ourselves? Or are people just hoping, praying and spin-doctoring for Diana II?

Good grief…

And excuse me, if I have offended anyone. It was not my intent – but I am simply baffled of the media attention. Reallyreally!

And why haven´t I written in danish today? I guess it just seemed inappropriate. But for the same reason I simply can´t write anymore. I am in a loss of (english) words. Maybe… ;-)

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Trine sagde ...

I'm not offended.
Oh dear, I think you're absolutely right!